4 Things You Need to Know for a Consistent Workout


The key to an effective workout session is always consistency. Just showing up to exercise is half the work done. With the right attitude and the right elements in place, exercise will be dreaded no longer, but will be looked forward to with eager anticipation.

Dressing The Attitude

The mind is a powerful force that has the capability to either motivate or dissuade you from working out. To help out the mental attitude, invest in a decent uniform of clothing that is comfortable for you to work out in. There are cool vests for working out or going out that you can pick up at most clothing stores. Not only is feeling comfortable in your work out clothes important, add your own personal touch with bright colors or a sleeveless shirt that shows off your biceps. When exercising at home, always put your shoes on to exercise. Doing this, plus being clad in sports gear will stimulate the brain to prepare for sweat and hard work while you’re going through these motions.

Avoid Routine, Routine, Routine

Although this may sound like a contradiction to being consistent with working out, it actually encourages success to the long-term picture. Whether you’re a gym addict or home exercise devotee, changing up the routine will make exercise feel less like work and more like adventure. Hitting the trails for a run or attending that early morning spinning class will provide a change of environment and with it, some excitement at the unfamiliar. Not only does it do a number on your mental attitude, it will help keep plateaus from happening as your muscles and body don’t get too conditioned to the same work out routine. Don’t be afraid to change it up.

Don’t Wait, Start Now

How many times have you told yourself, “I’ll start on Monday”? Start now and bring it. Now can be the best time to keep a consistent work out routine. When you use the Monday Excuse, you allow yourself to indulge in that last binge of overly processed and empty calories. Your brain tells you that you deserve it for the grueling exercise that awaits you next week. This just makes the transition harder and you’re not likely to stick with it. At first, every moment of every day will be a challenge to eat clean and to get that work out session done. Don’t let that idle time get you caught in a pickle, it will only discourage you and you’ll end up disappointed and quitting before you’ve reached your goals.


Some people can hold themselves accountable and reach their goals without any aid. Most people need to to be accountable to someone else to count on their support and encouragement when it gets tough. Whether this means finding a jogging buddy or joining an online fitness forum, having a support system in place will help you stay accountable for what you eat and for working out. Logging and keeping track of an exercise and food diary can be beneficial as it gets you into a habit of being aware and intentional about your actions.

A new mental attitude and an excellent support system can help you endure those times when working out can get mundane. When it does, step it up a notch and let that fierce intensity to change your lifestyle do the work. Soon, working out will not only be habit, but will be that time of day that you eagerly anticipate to spend on yourself.


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