7 Great Qualities Every Woman Wants In A Man


There’s a chance that you’ve probably asked yourself what women want in men because of a woman that didn’t find you worthy or one that is way out of your league but still agreed to be yours.

You’re not in this shoes alone as a lot of men are left wondering what exactly their girlfriends saw in them or why they have a lot of women flocking around them at a particular point in time.

Some men may be tempted to think they are special and exceptional; and that is why a lot of women are flocking around them. One thing you must realise is that a lot of men out there have the attributes that you think make you special. There are some specific qualities women look out for in men which makes them flock around men.

Consider developing some of these qualities and have a lot of women buzzing around you while others sweat to even get a woman to notice them.

Be Financially Buoyant
This is one quality that sits on top of all the others. A lot of women, irrespective of their educational qualifications would love to have a man that can take care of their needs. More so, they want men that have a sense of responsibility and can basically live up to the African calling of husbands and fathers.

Very few women would love a man that comes up with excuses when they ask for something that is financially related. Just make sure you are financially responsible and buoyant and watch the women flock around you.

Romantic Nature
There’s hardly any woman that doesn’t want a romantic man. Women want a man that can give them tender, loving care at all times. They want a man that will wake them up early in the morning with a good morning kiss or a sweet text message. Furthermore, they want men that will call them during the course of the day just to say ‘I love you’ and the ones that will surprise them with gifts and treats now and again.

Be Humorous
While you don’t have to be a serious comedian, a little bit of humour can do you no harm. Every woman wants a man that can make her laugh and one that she can share fun and happy moments with. If you can just be a little bit humorous, you’d most likely have women flocking around you.

Be Good At Communicating
Good and positive Communication is an important quality women look out for in men. While you don’t need to be an orator, you should be able to share your feelings with women without feeling ashamed. Women Find men that do this vulnerable in a positive way and they would usually lean towards men that can share their emotions and whatever else is going on in their lives.

Be Stylish
While you don’t have to be as handsome , you can cover up for facial beauty with being stylish. Women naturally love men that pay attention to their personal hygiene, dressing and overall appearance. Proper grooming; including string teeth, muscular body, clean shaved face and beautiful smile can get women eating out of your palms. If your smile is good enough to get women blushing, you’d have more than a few around you.

Be Supportive
Women want men that will be supportive of their careers, dreams and aspirations. If you listen attentively to women and show understanding, she’d see you as someone she can spend more time with. No woman wants a man who’ll turn out to be the cog in the wheel of her progress.

The fact that you don’t have women around you maybe because of your attitude towards women that admire because of their dedication to their careers. Show support to every woman you meet and more than a few will be willing to stay.

Women want men that can hold conversations outside their field of study and specialisations. Being brilliant in your field only will only make women see you as boring. Versatility is key in making women want you as they appreciate men that know a little bit of everything. More so, she can flaunt you in front of her friends with admiration because of your versatility.


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