7 Tips To Be Persistent & Enthusiastic in Action to Overcome Laziness


Short spurts of enthusiasm or motivation are not enough to accomplish anything of value. You need to keep your desire and inner flame alive and focused on your goal. So what can you do about it?

1.   Devote 10 minutes a day to reading and thinking about the benefits of what you want to do or accomplish.
2.   Every day, read about people who achieved success by being tenacious and persistent.
3.    Every day, find a quiet place, and for several minutes visualize yourself acting with enthusiasm and motivation.
4.   Every success requires dedication, time, perseverance and tenacity. This means that you should not give up quickly.
There is a well known story about a gold prospector, who, after digging to some depth, did not find anything, gave up and went away.    Then someone else came, and after digging just a few inches more, struck gold.
You need to be patient and persistent, even if you see no progress, because success might be just a few inches away.
5.   Keep repeating affirmations that empower you and inflame your enthusiasm and motivation.
6.   Never consider what you are doing as drudgery. With a little thinking and few changes, you can turn it into a pleasurable activity.
7.   Once you decide about anything, go on with it, even after you lose enthusiasm and desire. Don’t give up, even if what you are doing seems to be like a burden and drudgery. Don’t give up, even if you feel bored.

Keep telling yourself about the benefits of what you are doing, and keep thinking and visualizing, how it will be like after accomplishing what you have set to do.

Remember, this is your own life, and you are responsible for it. Why succumb to laziness and negative programming? This might not be easy, and there might be obstacles on the way.

Keep thinking about how happy you would be after achieving success. Visualize how your life would change, if you overcome laziness, negative thoughts, negative programming. Just keep your mind on the goal, no matter what.

Don’t rely on spurts of enthusiasm to carry you to your destination. You need to stand up, not give up, and awaken the dormant powers that are within you.

Never give up, but keep going on, even if the going is tough and you want to quit. If you keep going, and use affirmations and visualization, soon your desire and enthusiasm will grow, and the progress will become easier.


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