Tips on How to Find a God Fearing Man

This is such an interesting issue that is of great interest to our yet-to-get-married ladies, but I will try expressing certain things with the little space at my disposal.
First of all, it’s quite funny how various meanings are being attached to the term “God-fearing man”. To some ladies, a God-fearing man is simply a man that believes in the existence of God and perhaps attend church services every Sunday. You know, someone actually said a God-fearing man is a man that doesn’t wear jean trousers (I can’t stop laughing at this)
But, who is a “real God-fearing man”? A “real God-fearing man” is that man who has accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and who is living every aspect of his life in accordance with the will of God. He is a spiritual man, filled with the Spirit of God, who is always pushing towards pleasing God and obeying God’s commandments. He doesn’t fornicate, he doesn’t steal, he keeps running from lies and falsehoods, he doesn’t keep bad companies, he doesn’t indulge in alcoholism, but he serves God in spirit and in truth.
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You will agree with me then that these ‘real God-fearing men’ are rare, and it’s not a surprise why many ladies are interested in having them as husbands. Before telling you how you can get one for yourself as a husband, let me highlight some reasons why ladies should aim at marrying God-fearing husbands.
1. He Won’t Cheat On You : Today, it’s getting so bad that it is becoming a standard for men to be deemed sexually irresponsible. You hear things like “men are polygamous in nature”, “all men cheats”, etc. This is absurd, as there are few God-fearing guys who have chosen to honour God with their bodies and are very disciplined.
No reasonable woman want to share her husband with someone else, and so, a woman desire a husband that will stick faithfully to her alone. Many yet-to-get-married ladies are trying to avoid the mistakes which many already-married women made when choosing a husband. Do you know that today, many already-married women are avoiding sexual intercourse with their promiscuous husbands? Why? Simply because, they have seen cases where a sexually irresponsible husband passed to his wife deadly sexual viruses like AIDS, which ended the poor woman’s life prematurely. Such women are not enjoying their marriages!
But this is one of the things a woman enjoys when she marries a man that fears the LORD. He obeys the commandments of God that a man should be contented with his wife’s body alone (Proverbs 5:19), and should avoid adultery (Exodus 20:14, Romans 13:9)
2. He Is A Responsible Man That Will Give You A Happy Marriage And Life: Of course, marrying a God-fearing man does not automatically guarantee a happy marriage. However, a difference between a God-fearing man and other kinds of men is that, a God-fearing man is a “broken man”. That is to say, the Holy Spirit has worked on him, and he will always be quick to make you happy to please God
While various women today are unfortunately suffering domestic violence in their marriages, a real God-fearing man won’t dare raise his hands on you so as he won’t displease God (1 Peter 3:7, Ephesians 5:25)
He is a responsible man with a good reputation in the society (Proverbs 31:23). He is a hardworking man (2 Thessalonians 3:14) that will indulge in legitimate works (Ephesians 4:28) to provide for his home. Since he won’t keep bad companies nor have a concubine somewhere, he is able to give his wife healthy attention so she won’t be lonely in her marriage. And since he doesn’t waste money clubbing, partying, etc, he will have enough money to channel towards various profitable investments that will transcend into a comfortable future for his wife and children.
3. A God-fearing Man Is The “Real Romantic Lover” : Here is how things are. JESUS CHRIST is the Perfect Lover. A God-fearing man is a bride of Jesus. The man learns from Jesus how to be a perfect romantic husband, and he exhibits them towards his wife. So, a God-fearing man is a real romantic man that will ‘spoil’ you with ‘real’ and ‘pure’ love.
You know, I laugh when I hear some ladies saying things like “Christian brothers are boring and unromantic”. What you don’t know is that, these brothers are only taming themselves now (to avoid falling into sin). Once they get married, they will unleash themselves in marriage!
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As you should know already, these types of men are rare. Therefore, real God-fearing men are rare diamonds that God gives to some ‘selected sisters’ as gifts. These ‘selected sisters’ are God’s own daughters which He recognises. These God-fearing guys are His own recognised sons, and He won’t allow them marry just any kind of woman (so they won’t make them deviate from His will).
Now, how can you as a lady become part of this ‘selected sisters’ (daughters of God) so you can earn for yourself a God-fearing man as a husband. It is simple. YOU ONLY NEED TO ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST AS LORD AND SAVIOR OF YOUR LIFE, FORSAKE SIN ENTIRELY AND LIVE A LIFESTYLE OF HOLINESS.
If you call yourself a Christian sister and you still indulge in certain unholy activities, you are not part of this “selected recognised daughters of His”. You must serve God in Spirit and in Truth.
Additionally, to get a God-fearing guy easily, then you should constantly be around where they can easily notice you. Imagine a lady saying she wants a God-fearing man, but is always clubbing (such can never work). Get closer to God, be busy with God’s works, attend church services, dress responsible, etc.
I pray for every sister reading this, you won’t miss it in marriage in Jesus Name Amen!
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