Betrayed By My Best Friend- Episode 1 

I smiled to the taxi driver as i gave him a huge tip
I was in a good mood that i came home so early
I had good news for my husband
I opened the gate and saw a strange car parked in d park
I frowned
It looked like Celine’s car
I became suspicious and i began to tip-toe towards the house
I opened the door slowly and entered
I removed my shoes and walked up-stairs quietly
As i walked towards our master bedroom,i began to hear deep throaty moans
Fuck me..!
Fuck me..!
My heart was pounding fast and hard
It was Celine’s voice
Deep down i was hearing Dele’s moans too
I reached the doorknob and opened it slowly without a noise
Lo and behold
I saw my husband and Celine naked as the day they were born..
My Dele pounding into my best friend


Celine was on her knees in a doggy style and my husband was behind
His hands on her hair pulling her close to himself
I was so shocked
I couldn’t cry nor laugh
My handbag dropped and that drew their attention…!
They were surprised to see me but d shocking aspect was that they were not ashamed
My husband said
Welcome home
You came early
I wanted to scream
I wanted to cry out loud
But i calmed down and said
Celine…Is this how friends do..?
She did not look guilty, instead she smiled wickedly and said
Your husband is too hot
Only you can’t enjoy him
She began to rub my husband’s dick right in front of me
My husband gave a low moan…
Water filled my eyes instantly but i did not shed them
Celine went ahead to suck my hubby’s dick as i stood watching them.
My name is Tinu
Am just 28 year but have been in marriage since i was 20,yet i had no child
I was a meek and quiet type
My husband takes advantage of me through this manner
He flirts and fuck many girls right in our house while i will be in d kitchen
Or in my bedroom crying
Neighbours call me mumu..
I think that is what i am
I stared at my husband who was busy sucking Celine’s pussy
I couldn’t hold my pains anymore
I burst into tears and ran downstairs
I came out of d plane with great joy,
have missed my baby sister and mum
I heard a loud sweet voice
Bro mie…!
My brother..!
I turned to see my baby sister
She was now a big girl with nice curves
She was wearing a cape top and leggings with a nice pair of fashion sandal
She was no longer a child..
She’s 25
She ran towards me with great joy and hugged me tightly
I hugged her back happily
Have missed you ken..
I stroked her cheeks
Eliza…You have changed a lot..
Our mum walked towards us and hugged me tightly
My son…
Welcome back to 9ja
I laughed loudly
Thank u mum
We walked towards my mum’s expensive Rangeover
I went to d sitting room to weep
My heart was in pieces
I dunno why i find it hard to revenge or fight those that make life difficult for me
I was just too meek
Like an half-with
Celine came out minutes later with my husband and kissed him in my front and left
He turned to me nd said
Am hungry Tinu
go and prepare something for me
Like an idiot
I went to the kitchen to cook
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