Betrayed By My Best Friend- Episode 11

I started trekking towards the hospital back,
As i was walking,i passed a park,
To my amusement,i saw Dele,Celine and Nino pushing Nino on a swing
I stood for sometime until Celine looked my way, She froze and opened her mouth
I quickly mixed with the crowd at walked on as i heard Celine’s shrill voice
A Ghooooost..!
I entered the hospital with great anger
As the doctor was trying to calm me down in the reception, the door swung open and the lady walked in.
We both stared at her with surprise but she just ignored us and went into her room
I followed her instantly,
as i entered i saw her standing with the tray of food that i bought for her in the early morning
She was rushing it like an hungry dog, i went to her side and gently said
Sorry young woman
Let me go and get another meal
She shrugged
Never mind,
i will eat it like this…
I let her finish her meal before saying
Miss what’s your name..?
She licked her lips and shyly said
My name is Atinuke
People call me Tinu
Am 28
Am an orphan
then she narrated her life ordeal to me
I became so sorry for her,
I was so angry when i heard of how her husband and best friend tried to kill her
When she remember her baby,she burst into tears and said
I must get revenge
I wanted to hug her tightly but i kept my cool.
After some minutes,i said
Now that you are getting better
You can’t stay in the hospital forever
Where would you go..?
She stood up and knelt down immediately
Please help me
Let me be living with you
I can
Wash and
Sir,you won’t regret it
Please sir
Help me
I don’t have anybody
I must get revenge for my baby’s sake
She began to cry
I pulled her up and said
You look so much like my baby sister whom i lost
I will take care of you, don’t worry
You will be living with me and i will get you a job
what is your occupation
She replied
I am a make up artist
Okay..I said
Let’s see
I was discharged and Mr handsome drove me to his house
The house was a great Wow..!
It was also painted in my favorite colour
As we entered, everywhere was neat,cool and soft
He took me upstairs and showed me a room that was large enough to contain over 50 big beds and said
That’s your room
He pointed to my personal bathroom and toilet
He showed me the kitchens
Gym and the other living rooms
He also showed me his bedroom and told me that he must leave for the day’s work
Immediately he left
I ran into his room
Packed all his dirty clothes
washed it clean
Swept his room and his study
As i was arranging his wardrobe,a photo album fell
I opened it with curiosity and saw Mr handsome and a lady that looked exactly like ME.!
This must be his baby sister that he was looking for
She was just like ME
Only that she looked
Bold and
Unlike me
I placed the album back and went to the kitchen 2 cook
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