Betrayed By My Best Friend- Episode 14

I woke up feeling sick and light headed
I slowly raised up my head and looked about, everything seemed wrong
I was laying on the rug,
I remembered going into a bar and driving home
That was all i remembered,
My clothes were scattered and i was only in my boxers
I became alarmed, hope i had not
misbehaved to Tinu last night..?
I saw stains of sperm on the floor
I became confused
What happened Last night..?
I sat down on my bed uneasily
What had i done..?
I had sex with Mr handsome
Deep down in my mind, i prayed that he doesn’t remember anything that happened
Chewing my lower lips, i bowed my head
I hadn’t taken revenge on my enemies
And that was the main reason why i was here
I am now healthy now so there wasn’t any need for me to stay longer
I must move on to deal with d evil people that killed my baby and almost killed me too
Celine and Dele must not go Scot free.
I took out a 60 leaves notebook which i had been using as my diary and wrote all d events that happened yesterday night
After Mr handsome left for office,
I did my normal cleaning and wore one of the clothes he bought for me recently.
I took #500 out of the money he gave me and went out in search of a job
I dropped my application at many stores but as i was turning to go,
I saw an attractive 3 storey building
On the Top
The name was boldly written



It drew my attention so much,
as a makeup artist myself,
i decided to go but the problem i was having was that i had none of my credentials with me
Everything was at Dele’s house
But i took a step of faith and entered,
A friendly receptionist talked to me and after i told her why i was there
She smiled and gave me a form which i dutifully filled.
I was told to come back for an interview the following week
As i was on my way back home,
i remembered that i have been feeling sick so i branched a pharmacy store
And after lots of examinations
I was declared Some weeks PREGNANT!!!!!
I got home sweating,
Even though the A.C was on
i was still sweating profusely,
Mr handsome had been a good man
Without knowing me he took care of me, brought me into his house
Made me happy.
If i tell him that am pregnant,
he might get mad at me because he doesn’t remember the night we shared together
He might think i want to forcefully marry him because his wealth.
He might change and start maltreating me,
And the last thing i want to do is to Abort
I wanted a baby badly,after i lost the first one,i had felt empty
Now that am pregnant again,i don’t pray to abort
I sat down on my bed and thought
If i get the makeup job,i will quietly leave without telling him anything
Although i knew it might look like am ungrateful ,but i needed to leave
I picked up my diary and started writing everything.
I got sick again and rushed to d toilet to vomit,i began to cry
Why was my life like this..?
Why was i getting the right thing at the wrong time.?
Having a baby for Mr handsome was totally wrong
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