Betrayed By My Best Friend- Episode 21

Betrayed By My Best Friend
When we broke the kiss, Gelimz looked tenderly into my eyes and said
I know you have heard about it
But it won’t happen..
It won’t happen
I promise,
I saw sincerity in his eyes and my heart melted
Without warning
I wrapped my arms round his neck and he held me tight
He released me gently and i noticed his bruised knuckles
He held my hand and led me towards his giant horse,
he placed me on it and sat behind me
In three minutes,
The horse has started running faster than a car
It was a very fast horse
We arrived in a secluded place which i guessed was his private arena
We entered a warm cave after we had tied the horse outside
The cave was so comfortable as i saw many big soft leather chairs,
I wanted to curl in the chair and sleep
Prince Gelimz said
I have a unique gift for you..
I looked up and smiled
What’s the gift my prince..?
The prince went to my front..
Held my hand and threw the bomb


I opened my mouth
Prince Gelimz smiled and held the scarf and began to remove it slowly.
He unwrapped his face and i saw the most handsome face that remained in my memory for a lifetime.
I opened my mouth like a goldfish until he softly said
Close your mouth.
I closed my mouth and stared at the perfect guy in front of me.
He softly said
I Love you Alimta
And he came closer and began to kiss me
The kiss was demanding
He kissed me passionately and hungrily,
His hands began to roam down my body, i felt my nips getting hard
In few seconds,
we were both naked on a large big leather bed enough to contain twelve fat people.
He bent to suck one of my nips and was rolling the second one
I was feeling greatly pleasured
I moaned thickly
He started trailing kisses down my belly, my thigh until he reached the opening
He played gently with his finger at the entrance
I gasped loudly as he thrust his tongue into my p***y
He began to lick and suck like he hadn’t had a meal in years
I was lost in the sweet sensation that i didn’t know when he thrust into me hard and fast
I gasped in pleasure and pain
He stopped and looked into my eyes with teary eyes
Yo.Yo…you are a virgin..?
I looked at him and tried to smile
Yes..I am
He bent and kissed me gently
I love you..
And i would always love you
When we finished

I had a new feeling of satisfaction and pleasure as i fell asleep in the prince’s arm



I woke up in a start..!
What was i doing here..?
I remembered trying to kill myself when ken refused to marry me
I felt a slight pain in my thigh and i noticed a man beside
I grew scared
Who was this?
Did he rape me?
I noticed a small patch of blood on my thigh
I screamed
What is this..?
The man jumped up in fright and tried to hold me..
What is it..?
I ran out of the bed and covered my boobs with my hands
I screamed
Don’t touch me..!
The man became confused
He gently said
Calm down Calm Down..
I opened my mouth
Am not Alimta..! Am not Alimta..!

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