Betrayed By My Best Friend- Episode 22

He became more confused
If this is a joke
You better stop it..!
I couldn’t control my anger, i ran to him and began to punch and beat him
Son of a bitch..!
You dare rape me..!
You disvirgined me..!
You will pay for this..!
Am gonna sue you..!
You will rot in jail..!
I began to cry as i was punching him with all my strength
When i grew tired of beating him
I ran to the other side of the room,grabbed a big wood and pointed it to him
Come nearer..
Just come near me and i will break your stupid head..!
You rapist..!
I expected him to come and attack me but when he raised his head…
I saw tears in his eyes
He wiped blood away from his mouth and with a shaky voice he said
Our enemies has attacked you Alimta
They want to separate us
But they won’t
We will succeed
They want to make you mad..
I laughed and said
You are the mad man here..?
Just return me
Without warning he came towards me,
I threw away the wood in fear and ran for dear life
He caught me and put me on a giant horse,
he had covered his nose in a strange manner
I began to struggle until he began to ride his horse…
We were in a strange place,
Everywhere was soft and cool
I loved the beach the more
As we got nearer to the town..
I remembered and suddenly said
My prince..
Am sorry…
How will i explain to ken about his mum
i sat on the chair..
And i must revenge, i knew that Celine and dele won’t go unpunished.
I had to leave so as to do my act quickly.
I picked up my loads and left the warm and big home
I drove, my car towards the house with joy thinking of Tinu, i and the baby.
The only sad news was that Eliza was not there to join us in celebrating
I felt bad again when i thought of my baby sister, i stopped my thoughts and i continued driving towards the house.
When i didn’t see Eliza in the living room, i knew that she must be upstairs asleep.
When i entered her room to wake her up, i didn’t meet her there.
I saw a letter and deep down, i knew what happened
Tinu has left me..!
I remembered how i lost my memory and how the prince and i made love
I burst into tears at my stupidity but the prince was an understanding character.
He held me tight when i was crying and said…
Itz Ok Alimta
He took me back to the village but when we got to the village.
We met the greatest shock of our life…!
I went to Dele’s house around 1:00PM in the afternoon
I knew how to enter without a key so i entered through a secret passage
I went straight to the bedroom and i saw wedding photos of Dele and Celine..!
I laughed bitterly
They will definitely pay for this
I went to Dele’s electric safe where he kept his money
Nobody knew except me and Dele
I took out a big large bag and packed over 200,000000 Naira from the safe.
I left only a 1,000 Naira note there
I was wearing gloves on i had no risks of fingerprints
I took all Celine’s gold too.
Infact i took some vital documents and Celine’s and Dele’s original certificate and burned it.!
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