Betrayed By My Best Friend- Episode 23

To make matters worse, i started with Celine’s wardrobe
I started tearing it with a scissors
i tore down everything without remaining a single clothe
I did the same to Dele…
I spoiled their shoes
I poured water into the generator
I broke the large TV
Destroyed the refrigerator
Infact i also poured a large quantity of sand into the bag of rice
I also poured hot water on the uncooked beans and yam
i urinated into the keg of palm oil and vegetable oil
The only property i didn’t touch was their son [Nino] things because he was innocent
As i was about leaving, something fell down from Celine’s wardrobe
I picked it up and i saw a large disk
On it they wrote


I laughed again..
That evil Celine had taken a video of me getting drowned by Dele
She wanted to use it to blackmail Dele for her own use..
itz mine already
I put the disk into the bag where i kept the money
As i turned to leave….
Celine and Dele drove into the compound..!
Am in trouble..
As we neared the village, we were hearing sounds
Cries of people, i felt terrified
I saw my nurse who had bee taking care of me since i arrived in the village running towards us
She was breathing heavily
M..M..My p..Pr..Prince
They are attacking us..!
Prince Gelimz jumped down from the horse with a quick agility
He held her hands and shouted
She was shaking terribly
The keflinians..!
They are after the new lady
They need her blood and your precious ójidá
The prince knew what was happening
He came to me
carried me down from the horse and tenderly said
our enemies need your blood and a special necklace that belongs to me
This necklace is called ójidá
It opens a special room where strange and marvelous things are kept
Only me or my children or my parent has the chance to use it
He removed a strange-looking necklace and wore it on my neck
He then said
The village isn’t safe for you,
But i trust my horse
he would take care of you
I love you,
I was crying bitterly
when would i meet my prince again..?
I saw tears in the prince’s eyes too but he didn’t shed them
He held my two cheek and said
Stay safe Alimta
I placed my hands on his hands that was on my cheeks and said
My prince
Take care
I love you
He bent to kiss me and after giving me a hot kiss
He placed me on his horse and told the horse something
The horse replied in a powerful loud noise and the prince smiled and told me
“The horse shall protect you Alimta…”
As i sat down on the horse
i saw a long arrow flying in d sky
I screamed in fear but the prince got it quickly and shouted to the horse
It means GO!
I held unto the horse tightly for my life as it was speeding so fast
I looked back and saw over 200 men on horses chasing me
I saw that some were fighting with the prince
I screamed when i saw the men kill Maa my nurse and friend
Just then, two horsemen got to my side with a sword in their hands
They were about harming me when the horse jumped and landed on d first man and killed him
I fell in the process and i landed among the enemies.
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