Betrayed By My Best Friend- Episode 24

I was so terrified, i stood up and began to run with great speed
Fear and tension was pumping in my blood as i ran
In no time, i saw 3 horses surrounding me
I was stuck up
i had no place to hide
A man said
We need you alive
Just give us the ójidá that he gave you
I stubbornly said
I can’t betray my prince and i won’t tell you how to use the necklace
The man gave me an evil smile
Then we would torture you well…
I was about to reply when i heard a powerful whine and the prince giant horse jumped down from the other side
In a twinkle of an eye, it carried me with its mouth and threw me up so that i landed on its back.
Some targeted an arrow on it knee but it landed on it broad side.
The horse screamed in pain but it didn’t stop running
I removed the arrow and rubbed the spot
We reached a cliff,
we were on d edge of a side of a large rock and opposite it was another large rock surface
Between  the  two rocks was a large space that was about 250cm long and very wide
How do we cross..?
At my back, our enemies were advancing..!
I was shaking with great fear as i saw that the enemies were so close to us.
The prince’s horse suddenly turned to the back and ran wildly in circle motion,
later i got to know that it was gathering speed
With a swift sweep, it lept up in the air and for some seconds i was in the air,
I had a feeling of fear and excitement
When we landed safely at the other side
The horse galloped down the hill until we reached a deserted area,
There were only two huts there, i wondered that who could be living in this deserted place
Suddenly the horse screamed powerfully thrice like it was calling somebody
After some minutes, a very old man came out and bowed
he was very old that he could barely see
My prince
What brings you here..?
I got down from the horse back and said
The old one..
Am not the prince
He sent his horse to bring me here
I explained all that happened to him
After a few minutes
He said
Soon the enemy shall come here too
Go and rest
Let me take care of the horse
You will go back to where you came from and stay there until the battle is over
The man took me into one of the hut and gave me three bowls of delicious pure milk to drink
After that, i ate a large share of bread and roasted meat
Then i slept off.
I woke up to the noises of horses and men shouting
Bring out the lady stranger..!
We need her blood..!
I froze but the man whispered
follow me
I followed him to the back of the hut, we saw the prince’s horse waiting patiently
The man told me
Ride the horse and hurry.
There is a large river at the back of the seventh mountain
Enter a blue ferry, it would transport you to a far-away land
Keep the necklace and the horse shall protect you
He gave me a bag of gold and plenty fresh hay for the horse,
Bread and a large keg of milk, dried meat and some thick clothes for the journey and he kissed my palm
May God guide you Alimta…
He then went into a secret cave,
I rubbed the horse’s neck gently and gave it some hay and it began to run,
Soon, i saw the enemies coming after us again
When we reached the sea, there was no ferry
I began to shiver
How do we escape now.?

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