Betrayed By My Best Friend- Episode 3

I leaned back in my chair and slept off
Hours later,i picked up my car keys and drove home.
I entered the house quietly so as not to wake anybody up
I tiptoed into my room and to my shock
I gasped
Immediately she saw me,she dropped d magazine that she was reading and jumped on me to give me a tight hug
I did not hug her back due to my nervousness
I pulled her away and said
Eliza…Why are you doing This..?
She pretended like she was confused
What..Bro mie..?
I frowned
Eliza…I beg of u
Tell me why you are behaving like this
She threw her hands up in defeat
Ken…You want to know?
I was shocked
She never called me by my name
I want to know
She wrapped her arms round my neck tightly
I love you ken
Not siblings love
I mean I love you
I want a relationship
I immediately covered her mouth
Are u drunk?
What are u saying?
She removed my hand
You want to know
Now you know
I was scared
Eliza..Am your elder bro
She frowned
You were adopted
You are not my brother..!
Everybody knew that i was an orphan
I was adopted at the age of 15 by Eliza’s mum when she lost her only son in a plane crash who was also 15
I was named ken because Eliza’s bro was also ken
Eliza was 10 then
I really adored my younger sister
She was beautiful,smart and innocent
We do mischievous things together
I had no family and it felt so good to belong somewhere
I loved my foster mum and always wanted to make her happy and proud of me
I studied really hard and was at the top of my class
I got an admission in a university at London at the age of 20 and mum sponsored me for good 10 years since she was very wealthy
She was a top make-up artist
I was very serious in London,
had no girlfriend,only male friends
I came back to Nigeria with top results that made companies fight over me
I was happy but now,here was my younger sister falling in love wit me
I replied her
I might not be your brother by blood
but i will forever be your brother and nothing
Nothing on earth will make me be
something else to you
Eliza burst into tears and said
I love you ken..!
I opened my mouth
Eliza..Are you mad..?
Are you normal..?
She said harshly
i had fallen in love with you since i was 17
Ken..I will marry u
No matter what you do
I will marry you
She came closer to hug me but i pushed her to the bed and left the room
Our mum told us during dinner
Ken,…I set up a blind date for you
I raised my head
Yes my dear son,
It is with the daughter of chief Azikwe
Her name is Helen
she’s beautiful and smart
Just 23
and she’s a banker
I nodded
That’s nice
So wen are we meeting?
Tomorrow..My mum said
Eliza shouted
Mum..That’s bad
How can u set up a date for your son
Can’t u let him choose himself..?
My mum was surprised
Are u talking to me rudely.?
Eliza stood up and shouted
Yes mum.!
what you did is bad
You better cancel the date
I shut her up
shut up
did i complain to mum?
Eliza looked at me with watery eyes and left
My mum was confused
what’s happening to her?
I smiled fakely
Mum leave her
She’s just being childish
To be continue in episode 4

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