Betrayed By My Best Friend- Episode 5

I was moving like a living dead in my own house
Celine and her son would come to our house eat and play
Dele my husband would ignore me and play with Nino and Celine
I would have left a long time ago if not that i was an orphan
I just had me and myself
After Celine and Dele played with Nino
They left him watching cartoon and went to my matrimonial bedroom
I decided to go and peep
But on my way i was already hearing heavy moans
With tearful eyes,
i went back to the kitchen
I sat on a stool and began to cry
Nino entered and childishly asked
Why are you crying..?
I smiled and said
He became curious and came nearer
I like you
I was surprised
Because you prepare nice meals for me
Mama doesn’t know how to fry eggs
I don’t like her meals
But your meals are so tasty
I laughed
Thanks Nino
He became excited and he ran to my side and sat on my legs and started playing with my hair
I felt no hatred towards him
I hugged him until he said
Dad and mum says you are our housemaid
Why are you.?
I froze and asked Nino
Are you sure..?
Nino nodded innocently and said
I asked dad if you were my aunt
Daddy said No
he said you were our househelp
My legs began to shake, Nino became concerned
Are you okay? He asked
I nodded fastly like an agama lizard
Yes Nino…Am okay
I opened the pot and dished some spaghetti into a plate
I added Egg and plantains and gave it to Nino who accepted it with joy
He sat down at d kitchen table and began to rush his meal with joy
I thought of poisoning him but i was too meek tto do that
I stood up and went to the bathroom where i sank into d floor and began to weep
I caught up with her in the driveway,when she was about to enter d car
I was panting greatly as i caught up with her,i grabbed her hand roughly and said
What the hell is wrong with you Eliza..!
Why the hell are you doing this…?
She tried to look innocent as she said
What did i do ken..?
I just went to see a friend
I yelled at her
What is wrong with you..!
Are You mad..?
Eliza began to cry
But i love you ken..
I became confused
Eliza..What has come over you?
Are you sure that you are okay?
Eliza sniffed and hugged me,i felt that she had become thinner
she rarely eats nowadays,
I wrapped my arms round Her
I had missed my Eliza
I had missed the happy Eliza
I had missed my younger sister
Everything has changed
Things were falling apart
Eliza began to sob quietly in my arms
I stroked her hair and whispered
It’s okay
It’s okay
After some minutes,
Eliza removed herself and said
Ken…Please marry me
We are not siblings
I frowned
Please don’t do this
We can’t marry
I don’t love you
I can’t make love to you
Tears began to roll Eliza eyes with pain
I closed my eyes,
i couldn’t bear to see my sister in pain
But i can never marry her
Eliza legs were shaking madly
I held her hand and said
It is not love
It is just because you havn’t seen me for long
Eliza shaked her head
I truly Love you
I want to marry you
I want to be the mother of your kids
You are my sister
I can’t
We are not siblings by blood
Am confused
What should i do
what do you think will happen, will Ken agree to marry  Eliza  ?
Cotinue to Episode 6

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