Betrayed By My Best Friend- Episode 6

Once we got home,we met our mum in the living room fuming madly
I greeted her
Good evening mum
She shut me up
Hold your greetings
Hold it..!
I was amazed
what did i do..?
She screamed again
Don’t mum me..!
Shut up and don’t mum me..!
Am not your biological mother anyways..!
I was shocked by her comment
She had never said that word to me before
My eyes became watery
What did i do
She angrily replied
I took you as my son!
Why did you do this to me.?
You are dating your sister..!
Even if you guys are not related by blood
You are her brother..!
Eliza cut in
I love ken
I want to marry him..!
He is not my brother..!
Our mother turned to Eliza
I read your diary Eliza
I read on how you used to masturbate because of him
What did ken tell you…?
Answer me..!
How did he brainwash you..!
Eliza frowned
I have been trying to win ken’s heart
But he said he doesn’t love me
But i love him and i will marry him if you like it or not
Our mum said
Are u mad.?
Eliza replied
Mum am not mad
Don’t blame ken
blame me
Am the one forcing myself on him
Ken is the love of my life
Our mum became furious
She slapped Eliza twice
You bastard..!
You must be stupid
Eliza did not reply
She just went upstairs and ignored my mum order to come back
My mum turned to me and weakly said
Am sorry ken
Forgive me
I broke down and started crying like a baby
I have been enduring Eliza sudden love for the past six months
She chased all my female friends
Cancelled my dates
I wanted to tell you but i did not know it would get to this
I thought it would vanish
I never knew it would end up like dis
you are my one and only mother
Please forgive me
Don’t push me out
I love you
I sat on d floor and my mum knelt down and hugged me tightly
I placed my head on her chest and she stroked my hair gently…
It was comforting
she said
Ken…I will forcefully send Eliza to Brazil for 15 months
Then we would rush get you married before she comes and in fact you must have impregnated your wife before she comes back
After much threats,Eliza decided to go to Brazil
She wore a white turtle neck top with
red mini skirt,black netty pop socks and boots that reached her knees
She also tied a red expensive scarf that i bought for round her neck
She was so beautiful and sexy,
i did not know why she fell in love with me
We saw her off to the airport and saw how she entered the departure section
She waved to us and entered
Immediately she left,we went to see my fiancee at a cafe,i did not really love her but i must rush my wedding before Eliza tries anything funny
We talked about d plans and wen i would see her parent for the proper introduction
After the meeting,we walked out and i saw that someone had written
On the wind screen of my mum’s car with a permanent marker
I tried cleaning it but my mum said
Leave it
My driver will wash it tomorrow
As i turned,
I saw a red short skirt and boots
I went after it and saw that it had vanished
My mum asked
What ken..?
I smiled
Nothing mum
But i knew that Eliza was there
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