Betrayed By My Best Friend- Episode 7

When i got home,i was about to sleep when my phone buzzed
I picked it and heard Eliza’s voice
Me:Hello..Is this Eliza
Voice:Yes itz her
Me:Eliza,You should be in Brazil by now
Voice:(laughs) funny you,do You think i will just leave like that..?
Me:Eliza…,why are you doing like this.?
Voice:Ken..,i love you and am going to marry you
Me:that’s not possible
Voice:Meet me tomorrow at saint Patrick cathedral beside the beach and let’s discuss…
With that,the line went dead
The next day,i drove down to the church next to the beach,Eliza ran to hug me but i coldly refused to hug her back
I said
Eliza..Let’s go home
She frowned
Ken…Let’s get married
Father john has agreed to join us together
I have lots of cash with me,with this, we would travel to U.S and live comfortably
I have bought the wedding dress, and we can get married next week Saturday
I laughed week Saturday,am getting married to another lady at saint mark cathedral with my mum and friends
You better let us go home now and meet my wife
Eliza burst into tears
I love you ken
I will marry you
Come next week Saturday…
I will be expecting you
i hissed
By the time my wife gets pregnant with her third child
Maybe by that time,you would reason well
You better stop your rubbish and let’s go so that you would attend my wedding as my only sister and if you refuse to follow me
I have got better things to do
I entered my car and drove off,
from the rear mirror,i saw my baby sister laying on  the floor,weeping terribly
I wanted to get out of the car and run to her and hold her but i did not want her to feel like am in love with her
So…with tears in my own eyes too
I Drove Off
One day,i was sleeping when Dele roughly woke me up
I stood up and yawned
Dele roughly said
Drink it..!
I asked
For what..?
He replied
To abort the bastard in your tummy
I gasped
The baby i waited for good eight years
And you are telling me to get rid of it.?
Dele roared
Shut up.!
I will kill you if you don’t drink it
I became scared as i saw fury in Dele’s face
I knelt down and began to beg
Dele please
Jo nitori olorun[for God’s sake]
I will do whatever you want
In fact,i will leave this house for you and Celine
Don’t kill my baby
Dele frowned and slapped me twice
I fell against him,in the process, the glass he was holding dropped and the liquid poured away
Dele got furious
After beating black and blue out of me
He pulled me up and carried me into his car
He dropped me in the boot
Celine was beside him,she asked curiously
Did she drink it..?
Dele hissed
Celine became angry
We must get rid of that baby
We need to scare her a little bit so as for her to agree to abort it
Only celine knew that i had a great phobia for water
She told my husband to drive me to a beach that did not have people around it
Dele drove down to a secluded beach
He pulled me out of the boot and shoved me forward
My left eye was swollen due to how Dele punched me
my lips were bleeding and my neck had a big tear
Dele began to drag me towards the water
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