Betrayed By My Best Friend- Episode 8

I sat on a chair in the church waiting for ken,
today was our wedding day,i was in my beautiful white wedding gown and a lovely banquet of flower
I kept on waiting for ken but he did not come
I removed my phone and was calling him repeatedly but he did not pick
Father john left after he couldn’t wait any longer
I sat down and began to cry,i loved the wrong guy but i can’t stop loving him
I looked at the wall clock
It was already 5:00PM
Ken was not coming,
I stood up and went to my room in d church,i was an artist,i had drawn several portraits of ken
I removed my dress and wore a short green gown and sandals
I went to the beach and sat on a rock,water was splashing around me,i had a bottle of alcohol with me that i drank with tears
With a broken heart,i texted a long message to Ken.
After texting the message,i removed my shoes,my wristwatch,my earrings,and dropped my phone by the beach
Heavy tears rolled down my cheeks as i began to walk into the great water
I drowned myself
I kept on screaming loudly as Dele was pulling me towards the water
Remember that this baby belong to both of us
Dele please
Am scared of water
I almost drowned since i was four, in a swimming pool
Dele don’t do this…
I Screamed again as i saw a great wave coming
I swear to God
I will abort
Dele i will abort immediately
Just let us leave the water
We were now very inside d sea
The water reached my waist
I made to hug Dele but he pushed me away
He began to swim towards the shore
I tried to follow but a great wave pulled me
I Screamed
But they got into the car and left
Before i knew it
Water had entered my mouth,my ears my nose
I was just struggling then everything went Blank
I read Eliza text with shock,as the pastor said
The groom and the bride can now come over to be joined
I read d last sentence
As i stood up and ran out
People shouted
He’s MAD..!
I ran out with great speed,as i was about to enter my car,i saw many people running to catch me thinking i was mad
I knew that i had to get out fast
I entered my car,started my engine fast and drove out
I heard my mum screaming
I ignored her as i increased my speed
As i was driving,i saw my mum flashy sea-blue car following me but i did not care
After 1 hour of my mad driving i arrived at d beach with my heart beating fast
I did not even park nor turn off d car
I just ran out without closing the door of d car towards the church building,my mum had gotten out too,She ran to my side panting
Are you okay..?
What’s happening..?
I did not reply her at all,i ran into the building as saw that it had been decorated for a wedding as plenty flowers were in the aisle
I ran out towards the building at the back of the church with my mum running behind me too
Talk to me..
What’s happening..?
I entered a room with LIZA on it
and i saw that my beloved sister was not there.
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