Betrayed By My Best Friend- Episode 19

Betrayed By My Best Friend
I looked at him with fear and backed away
He laughed softly
Come on..
I don’t bite
I stood in a position
not moving
He came and carried me like he was carrying a precious gem
He placed me on d high horse and climbed next to me
His chest were so soft and cool
His hand rugged and rough rubbed my arm tenderly as we rode towards the village
As we entered,
Shouts of Joy went up and people ran out to welcome their prince
Many girls kept on eyeing me with great envy
My nurse,
Maa Kanisha came out in a worried manner but when she saw me
She relaxed a bit
The prince shouted at her


Maa knelt down with fear
Am sorry my prince
I knelt down too as i was shivering with fear due to his voice
He softened when he saw me shaking and pulled me up
softly saying
Not You..
You did not offend
I burst into tears due to fear and said
Do not punish her
I sneaked out
I wanted to kneel again when he pulled me gently and said
go back to your room with maa kanisha
We both left
I didn’t set my eyes on the prince for the next 3 months
He was greatly busy with different functions
I sat down in front of my room with maa Kanisha one evening eating roasted plantains and a funny blue stew of theirs
As we were eating,
Five hefty men came and said
His Royal highness
Prince Gelimz asks to see the young lady
Maa Kanisha took me inside
Dressed nicely for me
Packed my long hair and remembered me how she taught me to bow
I left feeling nervous
We passed many huts until we got to a big one surrounded with men and horses
I entered alone and saw the great prince standing.
His face were still covered with another beautiful cloth in a style that revealed just his eyes and mouth
After we talked for good 30 minutes
He said
Since you have lost your memory and you can’t remember your name again
Am going to name you
He stood up and pulled me to face him
Our faces almost touching
Am going to call you Alimta
It means rare gift
He bent to kiss me passionately
When his lips touched mine,
i forgot everything, his sweet fragrance filled my body
my soul and spirit
I hung to him tightly as i wrapped my arms round his neck.
He deepened the kiss as he thrust his tongue into my mouth
I was so hungry for his kiss
I returned it passionately as his hand began to roam about my body
He gripped my b**bs tightly
i moaned quietly
He carefully unzipped the short top that i was wearing,
and brought out my medium sized b**bs,
my nipples were taut hard as rock as they stood erect
The prince licked my right nipple and felt a great wave of pleasure
He went to the other nip and did the same
I couldn’t help moaning again
He held my right nips with his thumb and finger and began to roll it like a ball
He did d same to my left nip
As he was rolling both nips in his hand,
He was kissing me hard and hot
I felt so aroused
My pants were dripping,
I began to visualize myself on my knees with the prince’s cock in my mouth……
Ooooh my my …….i so much love this part
find out what happened next.
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