Bobrisky Attacks Trolls who say He will Go to Hell by Telling them they will find Him Sitting Pretty Beside God


Bobrisky is one of the most controversial celebrity in Nigeria, and for this, he has earned quite a lot of frowns from people who consider him an eyesore to the society. The effeminate cross dresser recently made a post where he condemns those judging him.

Not only that, in this post, he also went ahead to say that everyone is a sinner and so no one should point an accusatory finger at him.

This post made by Bobrisky must have been triggered by the recent event in which a US based Nigerian accused him of stealing from him and scamming him of his hard earned money.

In response to this, Bobrisky wrote a counter post in which he debunked all the claims made by the man. Now, the cross dresser has addressed all those who judge him in any way and call him a sinner for changing his appearance.

Bobrisky also made the claim that he did not think he was a sinner or was going to hell as many people opined. Rather, he was sure that he would most likely get to heaven and sit beside God.

See his full post here:

“Good afternoon Bobrisky lovers !!!! Quick one have any one of u notice that is only people who are not doing good that cal others names ? Would Dj cuppy or paddy Adenuga these are billionaires children have time to insult anyone on Ig ? No they won’t. Is only the broke ones that share data with their friends phones that come to Ig to insult people.

Is high time dis people sit down and think of wat they want to do with their life. Are u praying to follow celebrity till u die ? ? let celebrities too celebrate u one day. U all insulting me don’t forgot I was also once broke before I think of a hustle to do that will make me a millionaire and give me mighty name. Pls go find a hustle and stop insulting people on IG.

If all your insult mean… to me by now I would have not been where I am today. But I ignore all the insult and choose to acquirer all my dream goal in life. Pls ask yourself wat is my dream goal today and stop instituting people who are richer than u.

Secondly some of u are saying u are going to hell ?????. Do u know where u are going to ? Nobody on dis earth will tell me he or she is not sinner, if u have lied before u are a sinner, runs girl u are sinner, thief, sleeping with another woman who is not ur wife all dis are sins, so face your sins and leave other people sins alone. Let God be the Judge ?‍??

Don’t be surprise u all will see me sitting pretty beside my creator God while those Jesus servant judging people around walk straight to hell. My darling mind ur business and let other people enjoy their life. Good afternoon ?”


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