‘El Chapo’, Mexican Drug Kingpin, Sentenced to Life in Prison


Joaguin Guzman, Mexican drug kingpin better known as El Chapo, was on Wednesday sentenced to life in prison.

The sentence was handed to the 62-year-old drug lord after he was found guilty of guilty of 10 charges, including running a murderous criminal enterprise that smuggled tonnes of drugs into the United States.

He was also directed to forfeit $12.6 billion during his sentencing in U.S. district court in Brooklyn, New York.

Guzman, who wore a gray suit and dark tie, tackled the judge by accusing him of making a mockery of the U.S. justice system in refusing to order a new trial based on unsubstantiated allegations of juror misconduct.

He made the comment in Spanish after he was allowed to speak for about 10 minutes in court before the sentence was handed down. The drug lord also called out issues with the jury.

He also claimed that the solitary confinement by US authorities has been “psychological, emotional, mental torture, 24 hours a day”.

“My case was stained and you denied me a fair trial when the whole world was watching,” Guzman said through an interpreter, who turns out to be one of his lawyers.

“What happened here is the U.S. is not better than any other corrupt country.”

It is believed that drug kingpin, who has been in isolation for two and a half years, would serve out his sentence in the nation’s most secure federal prison in Florence, Colorado.


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