Betrayed By My Best Friend- Episode 2

I went to the kitchen to prepare rice and stew
As i was making the stew,the smell of the maggi irritated me
I ran to the toilet to vomit my breakfast
That reminded me of the reason why i came home early


i wanted to break the good new to my husband but it was a shame
I washed my mouth and went back to continue with my cooking
I was thinking deeply
Should i abort or keep the baby…?
It has been 5 weeks since i got home
I was tired of staying at home
I want a job,
I rose from my bed,
took my bath
wore nice clothes and walked to the living room
Eliza was at the dining..
Setting the table
She winked at me and walked towards me
Good morning bro..
I smiled
Good morning sis..
She hugged me tightly to the extent that our mum who sat in the living room reading news paper said
Leave your brother alone
If you continue this
He won’t get a girlfriend
Nor you too
Because people will think you are dating
Eliza frowned
I don’t need any guy
Our mum raised her left eyebrow
At 25…?
I pity u
Eliza frowned
forget it mom….
Am not interested in that
Our mother shrugged and that was wen i spoke
Mum…I think i need to start working
My mum looked surprised
So early…?
I thought you would at least rest for 3 months before thinking of work
I gasped
Ah..Ah mummy…!
Do you want me to grow lazy..?
I actually want to start work
I’m sick of home…
Ok…My mum said
I will find something for you to do
I sat down in the cab lost in thought
I had made up my mind to keep the baby
I had been childless for 8 good years and now God has provided one
Am going to forgive my husband and tell him the good news
I paid the taxi man and entered our house
Celine’s car was in d park again beside my husband’s car
I felt anger boiling in my blood
I couldn’t control it again
I entered the house with fury and saw Celine on the couch,
her head on my husband laps
I screamed
Celine looked at me with disgust
Tinu…go to the bedroom and cry like usual
Leave us alone
I became furious
I rushed towards her with fury and slapped her thrice.!
Celine was shocked,
she stood up and walked towards me
Tinu…You slapped me..?
my anger was reaching an higher level
Yes! I screamed
Nd i will do it again!
Celine rushed me and began to punch me
I returned her bountifully with slaps,kicks,blows,in fact,i bit her
She screamed and gave me a hard blow on my tummy
I felt a sharp pain on my stomach
My husband just sat down drinking wine and ignored us
I felt something warm on my panties
I bent down and saw a line of blood running down my leg
I screamed
My husband that sat down drinking wine froze and ran towards me with speed
but then i fainted…
It was a tiring day at office
I loved my job and i took it diligently
I didn’t want to go home early because of Eliza
I did not like what i am seeing in her
She is just too protective,i couldn’t place it whenever she chases my female friends away
But yesterday,she hugged me in a romantic manner
I felt that i should complain but i didn’t want 2 sound harsh or hurt her.
But am uncomfortable
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