All things can be taken away from a man but one thing can’t be taken away from him, that is the last of human freedom, the freedom to choose one’s own attitude in any giving circumstances. This was the live statement made by frankly Viktor who was once a victim of bestial death camp World War II in Germany.

As a prisoner of bestial camp, his parents, his wife, brother and sister together with his relatives were sent to gas oven remaining him and one of other prisoner. He found himself miserable in abject deprivation and poverty. Riches is only but a choice made by human being to live with as the same as living without anything worthy of honour.

The power to raise from grass to grace is packaged inside us all by our creator. It is left for us as individuals to determine to take the storm by force. You see, the law of motion that was discovered by Isaac Newton says Every object assumes a state of rest until a relevant force is applied to it. The good news is that rising from grass is possible but there is a price tag on it. That you need to pay and the news is that the price to pay is not grievous.

However it is not an easy task. The grace towards it is already with you. Friends you are not a victim of circumstances, you are a master in all things. Don’t judge your future by the things happening around you now. Develop winning edge and be consciously certain that top most is your portion. You see, the only difference between a ripe paw-paw and the unripe paw-paw is time and season. The difference between where you are now and your glorious destination is time and season. Hold on to patience, exercise your will power and your inner sense of certainty that you will succeed no matter the rough edge you are taking.


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