How to Look Slimmer with These Four Styling Tips


These four styling tips will change the way you dress and in just one outfit, you’ll be sure to look slimmer and sharp.

Here goes…

Embrace the right shapewear

Despite fake Instagram shapewear boutiques and products, they is no denial that the right shapewear is a life saver.

What the right shapewear does is to distribute bulges while holding you in place.

Shapewear works best when worn with pencil skirts and certain dresses.

All black baby

Opting for one colour to look slimmer is one of the oldest tricks around.

Styling, especially in all black ensemble, creates a long, vertical line, causing a slender illusion.

Be warned: Keep each silhouette crisp and tailored, and stay away from pale shades like beige.

Wear your hair out of your face

Wearing your hair out of your face into a ponytail gives a view of your full facial structure.

Full facial structures gives the face a thinner look.

Maxi skirts are your friend

Oh yass. Wearing a well-cut maxi cut skirt helps to look slimmer.

Contrary to the myth that plus-sized women have no business with maxi dresses, maxi skirts work wonder.

Care should however be taken in choosing print patterns. Opt for solid designs that will create a long, vertical line.

You should avoid maxis with pleats, big pockets and layered styles.


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