iPhone 8 LEAK : Apple May Drop Lightning Port for Next iPhone


Apple is considering dropping its Lightning port for iPhones and replacing it with the latest USB connection, according to reports.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is planning to include “a USB-C port for the power cord and other peripheral devices instead of the company’s original Lightning connector”.

Apple is due to introduce its next iPhone later this year. So far, leaks about the new phones show that there could be three models, new screens and no traditional home button.

The latest rumour would potentially annoy many customers as new ports means getting new cables and possibly new dongles to connect to older devices.

iPhone 8 LEAK : Apple May Drop Lightning Port for Next iPhone
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MacBook USB-C (top) vs. iPhone Lightning (bottom). Photo by Thomas Ricker

Fans complained last year when the 3.5mm headphone port was dropped from the iPhone 7.

However, USB-C cables are slowing becoming standard on phones, tablets and computers (including Apple’s MacBooks). A digital world where you only need one type of cable would be great news for many people.

Apple introduced the Lightning cable five years ago with the iPhone 5, replacing the larger 30-pin port.

It first started using USB-C ports on its MacBooks two years ago.USB-C ports are the latest version of the standard USB which is still found on most computers.

They are an improvement because they are reversible so it can be plugged in either way.

It can also be used to connect phones and laptops to USB devices, power cables and screens.The new plug is also smaller and just as fast as the current USB standard. Also, power can flow both ways so it can replace the power cord.



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