It is Impossible ; Says who ?


Have you ever realised that the world “breakthroughs” were firstly someone’s breakdown? Or don’t you know that the word IMPOSSIBLE is a slogan with either lazy or those who tried and failed, and failed to try again? Those who never give up call the “impossible” “it’s possible”.

If you tried a thousand time and fail, then you have only found a thousand ways that would not work. Those who drown are not those that fell in water; it;s rather those that fell in water and refused to come out . Get out of that water and refuse t drown.

Getting man on moon was an angelic task,but certain foolish men thought of it and the wise men followed suit. Today, flying to the moon is almost unnoticeable achievement. From your sense it tells you the mountain can not bee climbed.

It told Einstein, Electricity could not be discovered. It told Mathatma Ghandi, India could not be Independent, It is telling you it is impossible also….., only if you wish it that way. so therefore it is possible if you believe in your strength,if you know who you are. There is nothing impossible without determination and perseverance.


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