Julie Payette Urges More Nigerian Students to Show Interest in STEM


Governor-General of Canada, Julie Payette, urged Nigerian students to develop interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Payette gave the advice when she addressed students from various Secondary Schools in Abuja at the National Space Research and Development Agency on Monday.

She said that with determination, hard work and right plan, the students could excel in any of their chosen careers in STEM.

She said that Canada would strengthen its relationship with the Federal Government, especially in the area of space technology.

She said: “Canada has gone far in space research and the feat has added value to the country.

“Nigeria will definitely benefit from our space knowledge.”

Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, the Minister of Science and Technology, said the Federal Government was ready to partner Canada to fasten the pace of technology and other Canadian technologies that could fast tract development in Nigeria.

Onu said that Payette was a great achiever before becoming general governor of Canada.

He said: “Before becoming Governor General, Julie was an astronaut, engineer, scientific broadcaster and corporate director.

“From 1992 to 2013, Payette worked as an astronaut and flew two time mission in space.

“She also served many years as Capsule Communicator at NASA’s Mission Control Centre in Houston, Texas, and Chief Astronaut for Canadian Space Agency.”

NASRDA Director-General, Seidu Mohammed, said that Payette was well respected for her work in developing policies to promote science and technology.

Payette also visited Africa University of Science and Technology to, where she urged Masters and the PhD students in be proactive in innovation and creativity.

The Governor-General of Canada is also expected to inaugurate the Lagos State Bio-security Laboratory located at the Mainland Hospital in Yaba on Tuesday.


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