Malawi Court Sentence Three to Death for Killing an Albino to Bring Wealth and Luck


A Malawi court on Tuesday August 13, has convicted and sentenced two men and a woman to death for killing a person with albinism whose body part they intended to use in witchcraft rituals to bring wealth and luck.

The court found Douglas Mwale, Fontino Folosani and Sophie Jere guilty of murdering Priscott Pepuzani in 2015, using a metal bar and a hoe handle.

The trio chopped off Pepuzani’s limbs and later buried the rest of the body in a garden.

The “three were found guilty of (murder and possessing human tissue) and have been sentenced to death,” Agness Patemba, judiciary spokeswoman, told AFP.

The sentence was handed down in the western town of Mchinji on Tuesday.

While the death sentence handed down to the convicts is said to be the second in the past three months, it was learnt that death sentences are commuted to life imprisonment as Malawi has not carried out any executions since 1994.

AFP reported that there has been a surge in albino killing since 2014 by Malawians who believe using their body parts for rituals will bring them wealth and luck.

Albinos are often targeted in brutal attacks in Malawi — one of the world’s poorest and most aid-dependent countries — because they have white skin due to a hereditary condition that causes lack of pigmentation.

In many cases, those with albinism are targeted for their body parts to be used in witchcraft.


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