Medical Expert Blames Government Ignorance For High Rate of Quackery


The new chairman of Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria, Ogun state chapter, Dr. Rabiu Kusimo, has identified ignorance and the negligence of the government as the major factors contributing to high rate of quackery in Nigeria’s medical profession.

However, he maintained that, if the government can work with regulatory bodies and ensure that private medical hospitals are registered with the bodies, quackery would become a thing of the past.

Kusimo, the medical director of Lafiya Medical Centre, Abeokuta, stated this shortly after he was inaugurated alongside other members of executive of the association at the 25th annual General Meeting held at the state Secretariat of Nigerian Medical Association in Abeokuta.

He said “Two things are helping the quack doctors in our environment. The first one is the ignorance of our people. When you say somebody is a doctor, our people don’t want to know if the person is truly a doctor and we have a lot of people that are just working in the hospital environment, but, many people refer to them as doctors in the environment.

Also, we have not been able to come together to let government know how to assist us. The government also does not help us, if they do, we can fight quackery in our environment.

“If the government is ready to support us, the government ought to have the list of all medical practitioners. If a list of all approved name are with the ministry, all you need to know is to confirm from the ministry about the identity of any hospital owners in the state. If the government can work with regulatory body, quackery would become a thing of the past”.


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