Naked Woman Climbs the Roof of Saint Patrick Cathedral Statue, Straddles For 4 Hours (Video)


A naked woman climbed on a statue on a cathedral roof and stayed there  for four hours before authorities removed her.

The unnamed woman was seen standing, stretching, and straddling a statue on the roof of the St Patrick’s Cathedral St Ignatius Academy building in Fort Worth, Texas on Friday, October 4. A SWAT team was sent to attempt to talk the woman down.

A Fort Worth police spokesman, Tracy Carter, said authorities do not know why the woman climbed the cathedral naked.

Carter added: “Negotiators tried to keep her calm, go in there, and get her off the building.”

First responders were lifted toward the woman on the roof in a crane. They tried to reach their hounds out to take hold of the woman, but she swatted them away, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

After a while, the woman reached toward one of the first responders, who grabbed the woman and held onto her long enough for firefighters to pull her onto the platform.

The woman was taken to a nearby hospital in an ambulance. Authorities said they suspect she was suffering from a mental health crisis, for which she will reportedly receive treatment.

Watch the video below.



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