Never Give Up In Life



In every areas of your life,never give up.The road may be too narrow and you feel you can’t succeed in passing that road,Never give up.Your family may be crushing and you feel there is no way to solve that problem,Never give up. You may be intimidated by the Authority or even by the Force men,Never give up,because there is helper somewhere out there.You may unemployed and graduated from the university for many years,I say never give may have married for many years and no fruit of womb,still yet never give up.You may have been looking for a husband or wife and yet its not forth coming,Never give up. You may feel like committing suicide or carrying bomb to blow up people to satisfy your feelings,urge,anger and frustration but what next after you must have done that?  Just know you were created by the Supreme Being our God for a purpose and at the right time everything will fall in good place. If only you can define your purpose. Rise up and face your challenges,because everybody has his or her challenges but what matters is how you approach it in life. Fight the force that frustrates you,your destiny is in your life,when you die it ends and life continues for those living. So do not give up in life.


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