(Video)- CCTV Shows Hitman Gunned Down a Man While His Baby Mama Ran Off For Safety, In Florida


An attack happened in Lauderhill, Florida, USA, which was caught on CCTV showing a footage of a suspected hitman gunning down a man in a public place in broad daylight and continue shooting even after the man was dead while the victim’s baby mama ran around, confused, unsure whether to stay with her man or run off.

she eventually took off and that was a lucky move because soon after, the gunman turned and aimed the gun at the woman, shooting twice, but she was far enough to escape unhurt. Soon as he left, the woman got up from where she hid a few feet away and took off.

The victim was identified as 34-year-old Gary Wallock. After killing him, the hitman escaped in a blue Nissan Altima, believed to be driven by an accomplice. The police believe the shooter is 26-year-old Trace Obrian Walker.
Watch the footage of the  CCTV Above.
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