Nigerian Man Reveals How lady Allegedly Dumps her Fiancé one Week after Engagement Because he Lost his Job


A Nigerian Twitter user identified as Macdpimp has a lot of social media users questioning modern-day commitment between a man and woman after he shared a post revealing how his friend got dumped a week after engaging the woman he thought he fell in love with

According to him, his friend lied to his woman, saying he lost his job whereas he owned the company where he worked. Barely a week after he told his wife-to-be about it, she called off the wedding and broke it off.

Rejoicing that his friend dodged a gold digger bullet, Macdpimp brought the case to social media and many social media users reacted.

His post read: “A friend of mine got Engaged last 2 weeks Thursday, two days later told the Girl he lost his Job. They broke up last week Friday. She doesn’t even know he Owns the Company. He Dodged a Bullet.”

Some will argue that she was being a realist, taking into congnisance that finances is a huge part of a marriage and bearing the burden alone might have been too much for her to take. Others believe the lady was a gold digger.


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