Passengers stranded as power outage hits Lagos international airport


Passengers were stranded on Tuesday at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos state following a power outage.

The passengers were said to have been kept in the dark for hours as immigration officials did not not address the anxious crowd.

According to Yemisi Adegoke, a BBC reporter, the airport did not switch to another alternative power while the power outage lasted.

Officials were said to have taken foreigners among the passengers to another section of the airport where there was power.

Passengers were said to have been frustrated as they could not proceed with the boarding processes.

At Lagos International Airport and there is currently no power…and by the look of it NO GEN,” Adegoke tweeted.

“Passengers going MAD because officials started allowing foreigners to go to the other side or the airport, where there is electricity.

One woman was yelling “would they do this for us if we were in their country?”

The light was later restored while passengers were attended to by immigration officials.

This is not the first time that such would happen at the busiest airport in the country


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