Betrayed By My Best Friend- Episode 4

I opened my eyes in the hospital
I was so weak
As i tried to move,two nurses rushed to my side
Calm down ma…
I asked weakly
My baby
How is my baby…?
They both smiled kindly
Madam both you and the baby are doing fine
I smiled and rested back
At that time, Dele entered with flowers in his hand
He moved to my side and knelt down
The nurses left
Tinu darling..
Am so sorry for my foolishness
Forgive me…
I was a lady with a meek heart
I was about to hug him when Celine entered
I frowned with disgust
Dele looked so scared
A boy of about 4 years rushed in and shouted
I was shocked
Celine smiled wickedly
Hi tinu
U must be shocked to see my son Nino
He’s just 4 years
I have been in a relationship with your husband for the past 7 years
Just 1 year after your wedding
I had been having sex with him
I got pregnant 5 years ago and had Nino,
your husband comes to see him every weekend
I kept it a secret because you were just an idiot
but now that you are pregnant
I advise you to go and abort
Dele is mine ONLY
I couldn’t talk nor shout
Celine was my bridesmaid,
My best-lady,
My best friend for over 15 years.
I trusted her with all my heart
I so much loved her and she BETRAYED me like this..?
I looked at her son
He was just a carbon-copy of Dele
They looked so much alike
Water began to run down my eyes
Celine laughed wickedly
Don’t cry
Just go and abort the baby
It”s for your own Good
I looked at Celine
So you could be so heartless
After trusting you with my life
You did this to me..?
Fear God
I began to weep as Celine kept on laughing
Her son Nino,was surprised at me crying
He held his dad’s hand
Why is she crying
Dele petted the boy and looked at Celine weakly
He took Nino to Celine and said
Please go
Celine smiled
Am going…
But you must follow me
Have you forgotten that today is Nino’s spelling competition
Dele rubbed his neck weakly
Oh yes
I forgot
Please i have to go
With that…
He left
I was so depressed
I began to cry into my pillow
My heart was aching
I was Greatly Betrayed
I smiled to myself gently as i knotted my tie
I was going on a Blind date that my mum set up for me
I was eager to get into a relationship so as to make Eliza lose interest in me
I entered my flashy car and drove to the restaurant where we were to meet
As i entered,
I saw a slender and a beautiful lady in a short and lovely black evening dress sitting at our reserved seat
I greeted her
Hi beauty..
Am ken,
Your date…
She got up
Mr ken
It is not good to play with people’s feelings
You set me up on a date
And you had a girlfriend..!
I became confused
I don’t av one
She became more furious
Don’t play innocent
A Lady with long hair and full lips came here
She told me that you were her boyfriend and showed me up to 25 photos of both of you cuddling each other
Infact you wore the same top and trousers
Please sir
Stop disgracing yourself
She left
I sat down sadly
This was my 8th spoilt date
I looked up and saw Eliza tiptoeing out
I shouted
She Ran out
I chased her
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