To Be the First to Say Sorry is Not a Crime


Grow-up  don’t have rows. Sure they argue,they disagree, they debate. They express their feelings  and say when they are hurt or angry or upset. But they don’t have the kind of rows that  requires an apology to get over them. Just in case you do,that doesn’t makes it right. But the question is, having fallen out with the person you love,which wasn’t what you wanted, what do you do about it? And the answer as you may have guessed from the title of this article -is to say sorry. How do you feel about saying sorry? Do you feel you have lost face,been humiliated or had to swallow your pride? Well you don’t have to feel that way. You are keeping to the rules of love and it means that you are big, strong, confident and self assured to do it. Saying sorry shouldn’t be difficult, if you consider that it’s an apology to very nearest and dearest. I believe you can manage that. You may ask:What am I apologizing for? Yeah,isn’t hypocritical to say you are sorry when you know you are in right? No,It isn’t because that’s not what you are saying sorry for. You are saying sorry for allowing a perfect valid discussion about a difference in view to generate to this point. It takes two to argue and you are apologizing for being so childish as to let it happen, and for all the mistakes you must have made to reach that point -be it in word or deed. Someone has to be the first to acknowledge that childishness has gone on – you can take the initiative to put things right by showing how magnanimous, generous, open,conciliatory and grown up you are,just by saying you are sorry. …and with luck your partner will respond to show that he/she can also have all those qualities. .. he/she only needed to remind him/her. Whatever may have caused your row cannot be bigger or stronger than the true love you share. Remember, you both got yourself into this pickle, and it will take the two if you to get yourself out. I wish you happiness in your relationship.


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